Parent Helpers

Supervising a Little Athletics meet requires a great deal of adult participation.

This helps assist with the smooth running of our Friday night competition as well as behind-the-scenes administrative support and centre management. We ask that parents assist at least once a month during the competition season. Please note, children are not to be left unattended on competition nights.

It is quite impossible for the Committee (all volunteers) to fulfil the large number of roles involved, and so most of the tasks involved in supervising athletics competitions fall to parents.

For this reason, registering children in the sport comes with an obligation to participate in the delivery of the program.  

On average, each family should expect to “put their hand up” to fill one of these roles about twice a season.   Some parents generously participate much more often than that, for which we are very grateful.

Parent helpers take on many forms including track event timing, event marshaling, field event measuring, raking of pits, event recording, weekly results, age group management and assistance.

Little A’s at The Ponds is a froggy affair!

You don’t have to be an expert or a sports person in any discipline.

All we need are willing helpers. We’ll show you what to do – It’s really quite easy!

There are different roles on the night:

Setup Roles

Each week we ask a different age group to help set-up the field. This will be published on The Ponds Little Athletics Centre Facebook page each week.

Set-up includes tasks such as:

  • spreading/raking/preparing the sand in the Long Jump pits
  • setting up High Jump mats
  • distributing the throwing implements to the appropriate location
  • deploying signage
  • setting up track facilities including Tents, tables, finish line timing equipment, start line flags & so on.

Canteen / BBQ

These roles include Canteen servers & BBQ cooks who’ll assist our (volunteer) Canteen Manager.  We’ve structured the various shifts to match the typical ‘demand’ profile of hungry athletes and parents!

For all payments, electronic payment is preferred.

Age Manager & Assistants

Each Age Group is led from event to event by an Age Group Manager and a small number of parent helpers (the number depending on the age of the athletes and the size of the group).  For each Age Group, at the start of the season, we appoint an Age Manager. Each night there will need to be two assistants to assist with measuring, recording and raking.

All these tasks assist both your children and others to enjoy their time at the Centre and to ensure that our competition night runs as effectively and efficiently as possible. If we don’t have your support your athletes will suffer by not competing, waiting in the sun/wind/rain far too long and generally becoming dissatisfied and discouraged with Little A’s.

The long standing policy of the club is that apart from athletes the only people that are permitted to be on the main oval or top field area during competition are Track Officials (Starters and Timekeepers), Age Managers, Track Assistants, Age Manager Assistants and Recorders.

The only exception to this rule is that parents of Tiny Tots or Under 6’s can stay with their child if absolutely necessary.

All Officials, Managers and Assistants must sign the duty roster prior to competition. Officials and Managers should wear the correct age Vest. Track Assistants and Field Assistants must wear the appropriate Red Vest during competition and return it to the sign-on table at the end of competition. Age Managers are limited to 2 Field Assistants per group.

Anyone found not complying with the above guidelines will be asked to sign on in an official capacity or leave the competition area.

These guidelines are necessary for insurance purposes as well as to ensure the safety of all children, parent volunteers and officials during competition.